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Light Bulbs

1. Interior light bulbs are the responsibility of the tenants to replace (per the lease). Please use LED bulbs as they will have the most life and will generally not need to be changed for a while. If you do not wish to replace a light bulb, management will replace them for a nominal fee.

2. If you notice an exterior or building light fixture (not within the unit) is flashing or not operable, please fill out a maintenance request form. Tenant's will NOT be charged for these.

2. Please see below for videos of replacing difference kinds of lightbulbs/fixtures


Fire Alarms

1. If you hear a beeping sound, that generally means a smoke detector is out of batteries


Reset Electrical Breaker

If power goes out due to a short or overload, please look at the following steps to reset the breaker

1. Make sure non-functioning outlets/lights are not turned on or in use
2. Go to the basement and you will find breaker boxes like the ones pictures below. Most or all switches should be in the "on" position

3. find the Switch(s) that are in the neutral or "off" position. If switch is in neutral position, you MUST turn it completely to the "off" position FIRST. 
4. Flip the switch back to the "on" position and power should be restored.
     *If breaker immediately flips off again, please make sure nothing is plugged into the affected outlets. If it continually flips off even when outlets are not in use, do not turn it on anymore and submit a maintenance request form*
5. Close breaker box cover

Most circuits are tripped due to overloading so please do not repeat using the same high wattage items. 
Do NOT touch the top breaker switch. This is the master switch 


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