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Landlord Updates

Leasing for 2021 to 2022 has begun! If you would like to extend your lease, please let me know

If you have friends/family who are looking for spaces as well, we are here to help!



A cold front is scheduled to approach St.Louis and frigid temperatures combined with arctic wind chill creates a substantial risk for frozen or burst pipes.  please keep in mind the tips and reminders below. 



- Double check to make sure ALL windows and exterior doors are completely closed to prevent drafts. Check the top of windows as well since sometimes there may be a gap there. 

- Allow a slow trickle of  both HOT & COLD water to drip overnight; however, be careful not to run the water so that the sink overflows.

- Make sure your thermostat is set no lower than 60-degrees Fahrenheit.  Do not for any reason, turn the thermostat off. 

- Rooms with a lot of windows can keep their interior doors open to the common areas to allow more warm air to flow in. You can also blue tape to seal around the window panes if you feel micro drafts
- Only space heaters 500watts and less can be used and please make sure to set them on the lowest setting otherwise it could trip a breaker and kill power to the unit. 


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