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If there are pipe leaks, overflows, flooding, and/or water damage where there should not be water, please contact us immediately 

Garbage Disposal 

1. If the Garbage disposal is turning on but making a grinding noise, Please shut it off immediately as something (not food) is in there. Please use a flashlight to look inside and try to remove the item with pliers. 

2. If Garbage Disposal is not turning on and/or making a slight buzzing sound, There is a red button below the disposal which you can press to reset the Disposal


3. If the red reset button does not turn on the disposal you can dislodge any stuck food by using an allen wrench. Please see the video below for extra help

4. If none of these fix the issue and/or there is water leaking from the sink or garbage diposal, please shut it off and contact through the maintenance request form.


Clogged Sinks and Bath Drains

1. If a kitchen sink, bathroom sink , or bathtub is draining slowly, Please try to use a Clog Remover like Drano

2. If Drano does not work, it is usually a sign of excess hair and or a misplaced item. Please fill out the maintenance request form if so.

Please remember that plumbing issues are generally the tenant's responsibilities (per the lease). Plumbing issues can be resolved through management but a small fee may be process from the deposit

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